Department of Robotics and Intelligent Systems


Modern industries and systems rely on the interaction between many fields of engineering, computation and other sciences. Innovations and inventions require approaches with various specialties in addition to theoretical basics and practices in themes one subject might not cover. This encouraged the emergence of new specialties such as modern mechatronics which concentrates on studying computer controlled systems which has formed the foundation of “intelligent” products available in our daily lives. Our world is rapidly changing where widely spread robots, automation, IT and communications technologies have become part and parcel of the social, environmental and economic aspects of our lives while increasingly relying on the interaction between machines on one side and with humans on the other. Intelligent machines surface on roads (automated drive), factories (cooperative robots and industry automation) and intelligent infrastructure (power, water and transportation networks). Also in schools and universities (intelligent systems for teaching), hospitals (surgical machines, remote diagnosis and rehabilitation systems), in science (marine, environmental and cyber robots) and at homes (electrical robotic brooms and intelligent kitchen).


Robotics and intelligent systems is one branch of mechatronics that enables students to enhance their knowledge in this specialty through the study of basic engineering sciences in design, control, mechatronics system development, programming and digital systems. It also concentrates on specialized sciences in industrial vision, machine learning, sensors and intelligent systems. Students acquire through this program deep knowledge on building and developing those systems and their effect on community. Students may pursue postgraduate studies (MSc & PhD) in the fields of robotics, control, mechatronics systems design and artificial intelligence.


Requirements to obtain the bachelor’s degree


The faculty study plan consists of /178/ credit hours divided according to the following table:                                               

  Credit Hours  
Courses Classification Ratio
Compulsory Elective
University Requirements 17 9.55%
13 4 7.30% 2.24%
Faculty Requirements 14 7.86%
8 6 4.49% 3.37%
Department Requirements 147 82.58%
137 10 76.96% 3.37%
Total 178 100%


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