About the Faculty

  • System:
  1. The faculty follows credit hours system and the total credit hours required to obtain the degree is /186/ divided in ten levels (semesters). In addition to a summer term of 8 weeks.
  2. Students take a mandatory laboratory internship for three years accompanied with knowing the principles of clinical work in second and third year.
  3. Students take a mandatory clinical internship in fourth and fifth year.
  4. Prerequisites: students can’t sign for any course with a serial number before passing it with a lower serial number. Upon failing, students can sign simultaneously (according to a University Council decision) with the higher serial number of the same course.


  • Language of instruction:

  Language of instruction is Arabic and at least one or more courses will be taught in English. The course is determined according to the decision of the faculty board by the beginning of each academic year.



  • Teaching Methods and Assessment Strategies:

  The higher education council decision no/21/ on 08/09/2014 is the basis for the system of teaching, examination and unified assessment of Syrian private universities that follow the credit hours system.


  • The Faculty consists of the following departments:
  1. Life Sciences and General Medical Sciences.
  2. Histology and Pathological Anatomy.
  3. Dentistry.
  4. Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry.
  5. Periodontology and Oral Medicine.
  6. Dental Aesthetics and Fixed Prosthetics.
  7. Oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • The faculty grants Bachelor of Dentistry (BDent) degree. The period of study is ten semesters.
  • Requirements to obtain the (BDent):
  ​​​​​​​The faculty’s study plan consists of /186/ credit hours divided into the following table:
  Credit Hours
Courses Classification
University Requirements
17 9.10%
13 4 7% 2.10%
Faculty Requirements
169 90.80%
166 3 89.25% 1.60%
Total 186 100%


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