Dean’s message


On behalf of all my colleagues and administrative staff members and employees at the Faculty of Dentistry at Manara University, we welcome the visitors to our website.

Manara University possesses a great humanitarian and educational approach, thanks to the ideas of its founders and their great support, and we at the Faculty of Dentistry are following in their footsteps to develop the level of its students to advanced degrees of knowledge, particularly in the field of dentistry, as dentistry students receive all possible support in the academic program as well as plans to enrich their knowledge and skills. This is through:

- Programs of activities, courses and continuous scientific days.

- E-learning: through the ability to obtain academic content for lectures from the lecturer via the electronic academic program and communicate through online platform when required.

- Technical, scientific and material support of the faculty for research conducted in the field of dentistry for all scientific researchers who cite Manara University to supports their research.

The Faculty of Dentistry is keen to provide the latest equipment, laboratories, and clinics that serve the educational process with significant logistical and technical support by the university administration. The faculty also aims to provide dental medical services for the members of the Syrian community through the site that attracts all in need of high-level dental medical services cost free.

We inform you that the system is based on credit-hour, multiple tests, continuous student follow-up and achieving justice and fairness for their efforts make the Faculty of Dentistry at Manara University a goal to fulfill your dreams to gain a prestigious name in the field of dentistry, where the most important aim is to rehabilitate tomorrow’s doctors and to preserve the reputation of the Syrian dentist locally and internationally.



                                                                                                                                              Department of Dentistry Head

                                                                                                                                              Dr. Modar Ez Eddin Ahmad



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