Vision and goals




The mission of the faculty of Dentistry is to provide higher education with good quality and vocational training in dentistry sciences in order to improve the oral hygiene of individuals. In addition to preparing graduates with an excellent clinical experience and exceptional readiness to practice as well as providing medical services for oral and dental patients. The faculty aspires for excellence in scientific research in accordance with community needs and scientific advancement.




The faculty of Dentistry’s vision is to be distinguished and pioneering in providing high quality educational services in university education and scientific research and to improve health in accordance with diverse community needs and to contribute in polishing skills and qualifications to achieve local sustainable development.



The faculty of Dentistry’s goal is to qualify and prepare well educated, knowledgeable and clinically skilled dentists that provide therapeutic services in the fields of oral and dental medicine. In addition to providing a high level of education and training to ensure the habilitation of dentists according to high standards of adequacy and developing curricula and courses. This is in order to involve students in the process of self-learning and developing continuous education to meet the standards of accreditation and quality.

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