University Vision and Goals

Establishment of the University:

Manara University was established according to the presidential decree no/108/ on 31/03/2016 and the decision of the higher education council no /266/ on 17/07/2016 as well as the decision of the minister of higher education no /114/ on 06/11/2016 to be temporary located in Latakia – 10th district and permanently located in Baniyas City – Tartus Governorate. It initiated its programs on 06/11/2016.

University Vision:

• Orienting the educational process towards meeting community demands and excelling in the methods and ways of education, training and scientific research as well as the specialties and educational programs we tend to implement.

• Effective contribution in enhancing the level of higher education and scientific research with other Syrian universities.

• Transforming towards modern scientific specialties that are up to date with scientific and technical advancements and meet community needs.  

• Creating cooperation methods between the university and various economic, social and cultural components. 

• Providing opportunities for a large number of students through scholarships oriented towards chances needed for community development.

University Missions:

• Transforming from the traditional methods of teaching to the interactive ones through keeping up with modern methods, techniques and tools in education and training. This is to enhance and perfect students’ skills and prepare specialized and qualified staff that are able to efficiently contribute in the developmental process of the community.

• Adopting the standards of international scientific accreditation in higher education.

• Adopting curricula that are compatible with modern teaching methodologies in collaboration with high caliber international universities.

• Preparing a unique generation equipped with personal capacities, cultural awareness and communication skills in addition to scientific and vocational competencies.

• Focusing on internships in the educational process and implanting the concept of teamwork.

• Working on students’ mentality and analytical capacity not only their memory.

• Following up with the involvement of graduates in labor market through starting developmental projects and programs that can create new job opportunities.

University Goals:

The university aspires to participate in establishing a knowledgeable community characterized by distinguishably educated individuals that enhance their self-confidence, identity, competency in their vocation and community service commitment. This is with the highly qualified alumni that are equipped with the scientific knowledge and practical experience that is up to date with various fields of science. In addition to the staff that are highly qualified, skilled and come from a diverse cultural background who are able to efficiently be involved in labor market and actively contribute in community development in all its sectors as well as competently communicate with external parties.

Looking at the challenges that university graduates face to obtain job opportunities, our university prioritizes linking higher education with labor market (economic, cultural and social) in local community and Syria. It looks forward to contribute in sustainable development through creating methods of cooperation between the university and various economic components which allows everyone to collaborate to achieve their goals and provide various working opportunities for the graduates.

The teaching process relies on adopting the educational, theoretical and applied methodologies relying on advanced means in teaching, training, communication and interaction through distinguished curricula and recruiting a highly qualified academic staff that possesses experience and competency.

University Values:

• Intellectual creativity.

• Cultural diversity.

• Pursuit of excellence.

• Social responsibility.

• Expanding the horizon of knowledge.

• Stimulation of learning and perfection.

• Developmental vision.

• Enhancing the human intellect.

• Teamwork.

• Consolidating the concept of belonging.

Quality at Al-Manara University:

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