Accreditation & Quality Assurance Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

1. Evaluates academic staff regarding learning outcomes, research papers, student advising and the service of the educational institution and community.

2. Studies the methods of evaluating curricula and academic members in respect of sample selection, sincerity and consistency of the questionnaires, weak and strength points and sets a developmental plan accordingly.

3. Sets clear policies and procedures to review, assess and improve the academic programs and curricula and ensure the quality of learning and teaching via performance indicators data for each program, the improvement of students, their grades and evaluation of programs and curricula.

4. Implements frequent procedures to ensure the quality of the teaching process, review the annual reports of all programs by specialist committees and take appropriate procedures for development and improvement.

5. Studies the content of current courses in respect of references, modernity of information, level of simplicity and difficulty, appropriateness of the study plan and the sequence of knowledge acquisition.

6. Follows up with the faculties' development of their programs to enhance the level of graduates among other graduate counterparts to supply them with a high level of competitiveness in labor market.

7. Disseminates the concept of assessment among students via organizing relevant group talks, workshops and training courses.

8. Monitors and evaluates the fulfillment of graduates' specifications and targeted learning outcomes.

9. Develops and enhances academic programs to adapt with emerging vocational needs and profession practice demands in community.

10.Writes relevant reports regarding assessment results and accreditation implementations at the university while determining the deviations and adopt the criteria that accomplish the target quality level.

11.Follows up with the academic and administrative criteria of international universities regarding quality and accreditation and their implementation at the university.

12.Proposes questionnaires and participates in organizing the procedures related to workshops and accreditation assessments.


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