Media & Communication Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

1. Issues publications (books – fliers – posters – magazines).

2. Prepares and implements the promoting programs of academic and administrative staff members and archiving the university and scientific departments' achievements.

3. Creates constructive relations between the university and community via familiarizing others about its activities, role and efforts in community development.

4. Provides commemorative shields, appreciation certificates and gifts for the university's events and ceremonies through coordinating with the responsible bodies.

5. Creates the intangible identity of the university for the internal and external audience.

6. Organizes media campaigns of the university and its scientific departments.

7. Follows up with what's being published on social media regarding the university and responding to all comments and inquiries.

8. Contacts the audio-visual and print media regarding the university's events and activities.

9. Manages the university's marketing processes and plans the participation of events.

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