Public Relations & International Cooperation Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

1. Follows up with the activation of the university's role in relevant international organizations.

2. Introduces international cooperation programs on the level of the university and methods of benefiting from them.

3. Proposes the fields of cooperation in relation to academic accreditation with pioneering universities and academic institutions via partnerships and agreements.

4. Prepares studies to establish relations with Arab and international universities.

5. Contributes in concluding memorandums of understanding with local and international universities to develop the systems of learning, scientific research, experience exchange and practical internships of students.

6. Sets methods and procedures to follow up and activate cooperation terms in established in agreements and MoUs on the level of the university.

7. Studies the contracts with external entities and suggests the appropriate proposals and recommendations.

8. Follows and supervises the agreements with universities as well as Arab and international academic institutions.

9. Organizes academic and administrative staff member visits to pioneering Arab and international universities to be familiar and benefit from their experiences in developing academic programs, teaching methods and management.

10.Supervises the process of hosting the delegations in collaboration with the marketing directorate.

11.Contributes in setting a program to improve partnership agreements with high caliber universities and organizes conferences and lectures in various domains.

12.Establishing communication channels with local and international committees that are interested in performance assessment in higher education for experience exchange to improve university's educational process.

13.Contributes in establishing cooperation agreements with specialists and experts to create educational programs for MU that achieve the criteria of local and international academic accreditation and are appropriate with local vocational practice demands.


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