Engineering Affairs Directorate

Main responsibilities of engineering affairs director as the engineering office is included:

1.Prepares and participates in new plans for the university's facilities, supervises the required studies and contributes in setting the deadlines.

2.Prepares risk management plans.

3.Supervises the implementation of the university's projects.

4.Follows up with the contracts of supervision, studies and audits with public and private entities.

5.Supervises the technical terms regarding the binding files of construction and electromechanical works or replacements, renewals, renovation and maintenance.

6.Monitors the deadline of project implementation and approves the suitable materials to match it with the specifications, conditions and suggestions to implement them.

7.Quality control and monitors the level of security and safety as part and parcel of the job.

8.Writes necessary and frequent reports about the work flow and its problems to the project owner without delay.

9.Organizes and audits the frequent statements for the implementing authorities.

10.Participates in the pre-delivery tests of all works.

11.Participates in the temporal and permanent receipt of finished works.

12.Supervises the backup of university building plans to refer to them when needed.

13.Supervises the electrical, mechanical and sanitary maintenance, renovation, replacement and renewal in all the university facilities.

14.Any other tasks assigned by the administration (within the responsibilities of the technical affairs directorate).

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