Transfer Regulations

From a private Syrian university:

1. To have completed at least one academic semester in their home university.

2. Students cannot graduate from the university they transferred to unless they complete 50% of its credit hours.

3. It is not permitted to transfer or change the registration or admission on the basis of university degree or institute from the systems of (open learning – virtual – correspondence – home study – E-Learning).

4. In case of equivalent transfer, students' average in secondary school must entitle them to enroll in the designated university and faculty in the academic year they registered in the first time.

From a non-Syrian university (private or public):

1. The university should be accredited and recognized by its home country and Syria.

2. Student's average should not be less than 10% of the determined averages in art. /1/ decision /306/ dated 28/06/2011 and the average should not be less than 50%.

3. Residency condition should be /8/ months in the academic year.

4. Students must be transferred or passing to the next year at the targeted university if it follows the semester or annual system or finish at least /25/ credit hours if the university adopts the credit hours system.

5. If the student achieves in the requested equivalent transferred year and wants to transfer to a private Syrian university, it is permitted to transfer without taking into consideration the number of achieved credit hours while taking into account the residency condition.

6. Not be dispelled from their home university.

7. Students are not admitted unless the ministry of higher education approves via sending (the equivalent statement - the certificate taken into account upon admission – secondary school certificate – copy of passport or ID).

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